Will My Insurance Company Cover Hail Damage Costs?

Will My Insurance Company Cover Hail Damage Costs?

Weather is unpredictable and sometimes that means we’re left unprepared and without warning when dangers near. Your home, business, patio furniture, outdoor lawn equipment, and the car are all at risk when unpredictable weather rears its ugly head. Your car is easily in the line of fire. Unsightly hail damage can be expensive to repair, but important to correct as quickly as possible.

Luckily, the cost of hail damage repair oswego il may be covered by your auto insurance policy. It is nice to get a break in the costs of repair now and again. If the insurance agency pays the costs, you’re in charge.  People who only have liability car insurance policies do not qualify to file a claim for hail damage. However, drivers that have a full-coverage policy can file a claim should this damage leave their car dented and damaged. The insurance company will pay all or a portion of the costs of hail damage.

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Keep in mind there is deductible amount that you must meet before the insurance company will cover any costs. This amount is usually $500 but can be more than this amount. Many drivers increase their deductible to keep their monthly auto insurance rates low. The deductible amount is decided from the total amount of your claim after an insurance adjuster has verified repairs for the vehicle.

Although hail damage is frustrating and expensive to repair, there is hope since the insurance company may cover the costs to repair the damage.  If you carry comprehensive insurance coverage, you should not wait to file a claim if your vehicle has ended damage. The car isn’t going to repair itself. It is up to you to make that call and get the repair that you need.