Build With Reclaimed Wood

Build With Reclaimed Wood

Normally when you are doing a DIY project or remodeling, you are using the new wood you get from the local stores or lumber companies. That is mostly what you have to do anyway but there is used lumber available in the Portland area and it comes from old Oregon buildings.

If you are looking for reclaimed wood, portland or has exactly what you are seeking. Add some new character to your home or finish up a project with some of the lumber you can get. It is interesting to see the novel texture and style of these wood pieces.

It is also always good to recycle whenever possible so you will want to check with the local reclaimed lumber dealers to find what pieces you will need. Just get the measurements together and find the store.  Go on in and discover the interesting wood that you can get.

Such wood adds character to your home in a unique way and it gives your home some connection to local history. The wood is reclaimed from old buildings which have been deconstructed. The usable wood is salvaged so that there is a good amount of stock available.

reclaimed wood, portland or

Find exactly what you are looking for or improvise your design. It is great to have this wood in your home. You can reflect on the fact that you are using older wood that has been in buildings before and this has a good effect on the ambiance of your home.

Whether you are just adding a room or extending the whole house, you will find something that is just right for the build of your building. You will not be disappointed with what you get. The reclaimed wood is all of very high quality, it isn’t just two by fours that have been trashed. Instead, it is real historic wood.